What owners say about their Bahama Center Console, Offshore Fishing Boats.

The "word" on the seas...

Mark Gordon - "Still Bill'in"

"I was the previous owner of a Bahama 31, and currently a proud owner of a Bahama 37. Although I have “Second Mate status. The other day, I was conferring with my son (the boat’s Captain) about what Bahama could do to improve the boat and its design. After failing to come up with any ideas for improvement, we elected to return to Happy Hour.

Please let Scott and the crew know that we are extremely grateful for the prompt service and attention he has provided to me and my son."

Very truly yours,

Mark Gordon



Richard Spaedt - Bahama 41

“I now have over 1600 hours and the boat is running better then ever. Not only has the service from Bahama been outstanding FROM DAY 1-but the quality of the materials and the construction that goes into the boat is evident more as time passes-the fit and finish still look new and the boat does not show any signs of wear.

I am very proud to own a Bahama 41’ and I would encourage anyone interested in a top of the line off shore fishing machine to test drive one as soon as possible.”

All the best to your continued success,

Richard Spaedt



Ira Kitzen

"Let me start by saying in the 40+ years I've been boating, I have owned over 30 boats ranging in size from 15 to 64 feet in length and both production and custom boats. Never before .have I ever had such a perfect combination of production and custom build in one vessel. This 31 foot Bahama out performs any other boat in its size class and most boats up to 10 feet longer. I have been caught in 8 foot seas crossing over to the Bahamas and thanked g-d that I was in this boat. It is absolutely the most rock solid vessel available!

The 41 deal that we are working on is the first time in many years I am looking forward to a new vessel and I'm not completely sure I even want to get out of the 31. Every where I go, people ask about the boat and upon closer inspection, they all have the same response "unbelievable quality and layout".

Your service department never ceases to amaze me, you'd think every employee was an owner. Whats even better is when the bosses aren't around everyone treats us like we are the only customers. Please let me know how to get my staff to act like that.

Let me finish by saying that if all manufactures in this country put out products as well built and backed as yours, we would have no foriegn competition. Keep up the great work"



Martin Ormon

"I took delivery of my 31 Bahama may of 2008 - first trip was to Great Guana Cay - Abacos - 239 NM from Jupiter inlet - the boat ran dry in a east wind of 12-15 Knots made the passage across to West End in 2 hours from my dock:

One week later Memorial day weekend - I left my dock in Jupiter inlet 3.30 am ran to Charleston SC - stopped in Jacksonville Fl ( Mayport ) to top off the fuel - I was arrived in Wild Dunes Marina at 4:20pm

Next Morning left the dock at 5 am ran to Pirates Cove Marina NC arrived at 2 pm -

Next day ran Pirates Cove Marina to my home in Greenwich CT. Arrived in time for Cocktails at the Del Mar Hotel:

One week later the Miss Courtney left for its summer adventure based in Nantucket Ma...

We ran the boat average of 5 days week offshore - 16 Canyon trips - numerous trips White Marlin fishing 10 to 30 fathoms and of course Tuna fishing - east of Chatham Ma - in late September the Bahama 31 ( Miss Courtney ) went down to Morehead City - Beaufort docks and chased yellowfin and yes 3 blue marlin in early October:

November we came back to Palm Beach and chased Sails off Jupiter and made a few trips to Ocean Reef :

Spring came and we ran to the Abacos Marlin fishing out of Green Turtle cay and Marsh Harbor - in early July we ran the Miss Courtney Back to Nantucket and did another Summer in the Northeast - chasing Tuna - Marlin and loving our Bahama -

In 20 months I put 13,983 NM on the RD-30

The boat never failed me nor would I ever hesitate to put her against any conditions that was permissible (Or NOT )


My hats off to Bob Sparks and Scott Henley."



Stuart & Nancy Gross

"We are the proud owners of a 2008 Bahama 31. The day the boat was delivered from Henley marine, taking it offshore was such a great feeling. The boat was perfect. There were several custom options that were delivered exactly the way I wanted them. The crew at Bahama Boat Works and Henley’s Custom Marine were extremely accommodating and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. That experience has continued. The service is phenomenal whether I need a 100 hr service on the engines or just a quick conversation about what’s biting.

The performance of the Bahama 31 is amazing! I decided to take the boat to Treasure Cay with Captain Matt Alligood and my family. The day we left the seas were 7-9 feet, but the next couple days were going to be worse. About 1/2 hour after clearing Jupiter inlet, we were amazed at how dry and safe we felt. Captain Matt called everybody and anybody to tell them how dry the boat was running and the way it handled the seas.

Everyone knows the feeling and smell of a new car. My boat looks and performs like it is brand new after two years and several trips to the Bahamas and the Keys. There is no other boat and staff that can match the experience that I have received so far with Bahama and Henley Marine!"



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